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sexta-feira, 11 de dezembro de 2009

This Is Elvis

This Is Elvis is a 1981 documentary film based on the life of singer, musician and actor Elvis Presley. The film combined archival footage with reenactments, and narration by pop singer and Elvis-soundalike Ral Donner. It was screened out of competition at the 1981 Cannes Film Festival.

For re-enactment scenes, Elvis was portrayed in the film by four actors:

Paul Boensch II as Elvis at age 10 (Tupelo, Mississippi in 1946) 
David Scott as Elvis at age 18 (Memphis in 1953, singing in school, Sun recording session) 
Dana MacKay as Elvis at age 35 
Johnny Harra as Elvis at age 42 (Opening credits, August 16, 1977 scene from extended version) 
Elvis Presley himself receives credit only in the extended version prepared for cable and later home video release.

RCA Records released a 2-disc soundtrack album for the film in 1981 (CPL2 4031), which was notable for featuring the first official release on record of several of Presley's 1950s television appearances. It was the 11th highest grossing movie of 1982 beating Blade Runner.

A two-disc DVD set of the film was released on August 7, 2007 commemorating the 30th Anniversary of Elvis Presley's death. Disc 1 features the original version shown in theaters, Disc 2 includes the aforementioned extended version featuring 45 extra minutes of footage.

This is the only Elvis movie that was produced and released by Warner Brothers as opposed to those now owned by WB through Turner Entertainment such as Viva Las Vegas, or via WB's acquisition of National General Pictures, producers of Charro!. Warner Home Video has released all of Elvis' films WB owns on video, such as the aforementioned Viva Las Vegas and Charro!.

Source: wikipedia

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