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sábado, 22 de maio de 2010

Elvis Presley - Hawaii Trip and Last Vacation1977

Elvis Presley - Hawaii Trip and Last Vacation1977
(Song: Hawaiian Sunset)

Elvis takes a well deserved break.
tired Elvis admitted to Ed Parker that he had to take a break. Ed suggested a trip to Hawaii. March 4, Elvis and 30 of his friends traveled to Hawaii. The vacation lasted until March 13, and had a certain effect on Elvis. He slept better and looked more relaxed than before the vacation. Elvis signed his last will on Vernons urging on March 3, the day before he traveled to Hawaii.

Friday March 4, Elvis and his party of thirty arrive in Hawaii, checking into the Hilton Rainbow Tower. After two days Elvis and the Alden sisters and a couple of the guys move to a beach house at Kailua on the west side of Oahu.

During the vacation Elvis played some touch football with his entourage and friends. During one football session Elvis almost broke his hand when he accidentally hit the fence.

Although Hawaii had positive effect on Elvis, it was obviously not enough. He had to cancel 4 concerts the next tour. Elvis was like a battery that had been charged one time too many...

March 12, A visit to the USS Arizona memorial is canceled as Elvis prepares for an abruptly scheduled return to Memphis. He has gotten sand in his eye, and Dr. Nick, concerned that he may have scratched his cornea, suggests that he recuperate at home for a week or so before going out on tour once again.

The total cost of Elvis' trip to Hawaii may have cost $ 100 000, but as Elvis said; "What profiteth it to gain the world if you couldn't share your good fortune with your friends."

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