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domingo, 18 de julho de 2010

Elvis Suomessa - In Finland

Dozens of songs of Elvis Presley's repertoire have been recorded in Finland from the beginning of the 60's and up 'till these days - both in Finnish and in English. This obviously includes many sides of Elvis's versatile recording career: rock tunes, ballads, country and movie songs.

The new collection "Elvis in Finland 2" starts with a version of That's All Right, Mama (Kaikki hyvin mama) by a legendary singer Rauli Somerjoki. This song comes from Elvis's first and Rauli's last recording session. Probably the most well-known Elvis movie songs in Finland, Flaming Star (titled Kohtalon tähti) and The Walls Have Ears (Seinillä on korvat) are both naturally included on this cd. Early Finnish rock'n'rollers, like Jussi Raittinen, Rock Jerry and Pekka Loukiala, have their own versions on this collection too.

There are also a couple of rarities on the collection. One of them is Summer Kisses, Winter Tears (Kesän suukot talvi vei) which is the only single release by a singer called Richard. Some fine arrangements can be found as well: an a cappella group Veeti And the Velvets delivers a very nice version of King Creole and the late Tapio Heinonen sings beautifully his version of Mary in the Morning (Kaunein aamuisin).

"Elvis Suomessa - in Finland vol. 2" celebrates the 25th Anniversary Year of The Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Finland. Copies of the brand new CD can be ordered directly from the fan club at €20 each (incl. p & p. in Europe), €25 (overseas).

The CD includes the following songs in English: Baby Let's Play House, My Baby Left Me, Don't Be Cruel, King Creole, Suspicion, Return to Sender and All That I Am.


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