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quinta-feira, 1 de julho de 2010

Without The King's Consent

Andrew Jackson and Frederick Allen wrote the book Without The King's Consent - Tell Me Pretty Baby. It's about supposedly the first record Elvis made before going to Sun in 1954.
Here is some background information, taken from
My information on this particular recording is that it was claimed to be Elvis' first ever recording, supposedly made at Audio Recorders in Phoenix, Arizona in 1954. It was released in 1978 on the Elvis Classic label (EC-5478), lasted 2 minutes 12 seconds, with writing credit going to Andrew (Lee) Jackson, production by Pete Falco, and music publishing by Sheri-Kay Publishers/Golgotha BMI. It was distributed by Cin/Kay Records Distributors of Nashville, Tn.
In an affidavit signed by Pete Falco on July 6th 1978, he stated that he paid Elvis $15 to record "Tell Me Pretty Baby" with his group, the Red Dots. Elvis' father, Vernon Presley contested the song's authenticity, stating that Elvis was never in Phoenix in 1954 and never recorded for any company before Sun Records.
Apparantly a singer by the name of Michael Conley later admitted making the fake recording, although his manager, Hal Freeman, stated that Conley lied.
Unknown or "lost" recordings by Elvis are extremely rare. If you have new information that the recording of "Tell Me Pretty Baby" was genuine, then I'm sure that the entire Elvis world will be absolutely delighted.


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