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sexta-feira, 25 de dezembro de 2009

How to Understand Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley

Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley were certainly kings in the jungle of music and pop culture. Unfortunately for them, their similarities didn't provide them with the lion's share of fortune.

Since Michael Jackson's recent death, there has been much speculation on the negative effects that fame and fortune can have on a person's life. Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley are two prime iconic examples of how the pressure of fame can take its toll. There are five reasons why both the king of pop and the king of rock-n-roll had lives that ended way too soon.

1. Both musical artists came from haunting backgrounds that forced them to have unrealistic expectations in life. Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley had father figures who were demanding and at times, cruel. This scenario left them with a fear of being under the control or influence of others. As a result, both kings were dissatisfied and unfulfilled when they weren't in total control of their destinies. Oddly enough, this daunting fear of being controlled is exactly what happened. During most of their public lives, handlers who forced their every move controlled them.

2. Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley came from poor backgrounds and lifestyles that placed them in the lowest socio economic class. Due to their poor childhoods, they became irresponsible once the flow of income, the fortune, dramatically increased. Elvis and Michael were known to be compulsive shoppers. Consequently, both of the musical icons wound up heavily indebted to creditors and agents alike. Heavy debt loads can be one of the greatest causes of stress in modern society because there is not usually an easy way out.

3. Due to the extravagant amounts of income they received, Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson craved large estates they could call home. Graceland and Neverland were elaborate and overly dramatic places to take up residence. From the Jungle Room to the Ferris wheel, these mansions became the exact opposite of what they were intended to be. These highly visible, exotic estates became places where the public thronged leaving little room for privacy and relaxation. Unfortunately, Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley had no real place for their weary souls to rest.

4. With fame and fortune came privilege and accessibility to abusive substances that were not appropriately monitored or discontinued. Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley had very little accountability for the abuse that their physical and mental bodies suffered. When you are the king of pop or the king of rock-n-roll, doctors are more likely to provide drugs, or combinations of drugs, that are used to please and seduce the patient. After all, the private physicians were making their entire livelihood off of these celebrities. Both Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley used drugs to appease their inner turmoil, and no one stopped them.

5. Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley lived in fear. There is nothing more dreaded or scary than living a life in constant fear and paranoia. Fame and fortune gave Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley the opportunity to entertain audiences from all over the world. The live stage gave them a place of acclaim and prestige. Unfortunately, the mass hysteria that followed these musical icons left them feeling paranoid of outsiders, overly cautious of germs, and distrustful of people in general. What a lonely and isolated existence.

6. Surviving the jungle of fame and fortune was a heavy burden, for both Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley, to bear. The pressure from the dysfunctional lifestyles that they led resulted in premature death and tumultuous fame for both of these musical icons.


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