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sábado, 20 de fevereiro de 2010

Michael Jackson's 'Captain EO' Returns to Disneyland

                                                  Michael Jackson as Captain EO

ANAHEIM-- "Captain EO," the 1986 3-D musical adventure film starring Michael Jackson, will be making its return to Disneyland beginning next week, park officials said.

A new 70 mm print of "Captain EO" will be shown starting 10:00 a.m. Tuesday, February 23rd, and will sound "better than ever" thanks to recent audio and acoustic enhancements made to the theater, according to Heather Hust Rivera, print and social media manager of the Disneyland Resort.

The 17 minute film will be shown in the Tomorrowland theater where it ran for 11 years between 1986 through 1997.

"Captain EO" replaces "Honey I Shrunk the Audience," which closed January 3rd.

There will be a special line set up for park guests who want to be among the first to see the re-released film.

Park officials gave no indication on how long "Captain EO" would be running, though it will likely stay as long as it is popular, according to Michele Himmelberg, a Disney spokeswoman.

"Captain EO" stars the late Michael Jackson as a captain leading a crew of aliens, robots and "fuzzball" on a spaceship on a mission to deliver a gift to a wicked alien witch ( Anjelica Huston).

The film was directed by Academy Award-winner Francis Ford Coppola, with George Lucas serving as the executive producer. The film cost a reported $23.7 million to make in 1986.


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